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  1. now that’s about as good as a very short story gets.

    blow it all away
    — for Brautigan

    onetime voice
    of the counter-culture
    found—dead as hell
    rotting on the floor
    beside a bottle
    & a .44
    in a one-man gunfight
    against a deadly hand—
    caught unprepared
    during those minutes
    of the day & night
    when dark fingers
    started to pull
    at his shirt tail
    yanking & tugging
    until he was lost—mesmerized
    by the sexy eyes
    of sister suicide

    now the forever-hungry
    cannibals dance
    around his body
    tearing away chunks
    of another deserted son
    no longer watched over
    by the fickle
    machine of favor

  2. lynne hayes Says:

    Bittersweet realization..great poem!

  3. i can totally relate. great!

  4. Brautigan was an unforgettable step for me through literature, loved him in my early twenties , still love him.

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