HOLY WOOD by Michael Thompson

Fear gripped a pig society
From the valleys to the canyons
And the love generation
Came to a screeching halt
In the summer of β€˜69
As the fault line
That runs through Holy Wood
Was exposed like a raw nerve

The sound of flies swarming
Onto decaying bones
Of an actress, an heiress,
A gambler and candy man
Fueled an apocalyptical vision
As revolution number nine festered

Messages for the cops
Were scrawled in blood
From the lost and aimless
Who peeked over the edge
Of the fire
High on bad religion
And orange sunshine

Gilded idols were torn
From their pedestals
And a subculture
Of polygamous sex
Was thrown into
An unwanted spotlight

When the fringe groups
Began to get ugly
In the city of love,
A misguided legion
Was led down to Holy Wood
For a day of reckoning


3 Responses to “HOLY WOOD by Michael Thompson”

  1. Vintage Thompson. Love it.

  2. Always your fan <3.

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