The Man Cave featuring Bradley Mason Hamlin

Adult Delinquents

to listen to Bobby Rydell
and drink fucked up
Chinese beer
with Lucy Hell

but the other moms
drop by …
and they want to chatter
about school
while they drink
and gossip
about their children
spying on them

the evils
of social networks
and how kids
will never get
decent jobs
or go to college

their permanent records
are marred
by unruly behavior
in public

as the Devilgirl
on the kitchen table

swinging blonde hair
and dancing
to Britney Spears

I can see her hot stuff
and they make me feel
like my vodka
is soaked in LSD-25

throw the ersatz-Christians
and quasi-hippy bitches
to the street lions
but they seem hypnotized,
ducks in the road

torn between
mind control mythologies
and the spiritual
weight of a lobotomy
that wants to
unzip itself

I tell them
I want to travel in outer space
like Walt Disney
and Ray Bradbury
and you
and me
and all the open doors
of children
who fight the formula

the good babies want to
touch the cracker thin hem
of the universe
and spit in the eye
of the alien invisible

their secret Nazi mothers
pretend to be once
upon a time
pot smoking liberals

ever plotting
how to fit round bodies
into square holes

but I think
the malt shop music
is getting to them

there is a Watusi
once forgotten

the murdered teenagers
inside the grown-ups
want to play
and laugh
and tell the world
to fuck off

sometimes they don’t say
when they leave

but they always
come back,

and sometimes,
they even drink
the Chinese beer.


Country Girl

I unbuttoned her
blue jeans
in the kitchen

track 3
of some
Carrie Underwood album

kissing her,
sliding my hand
between the
tight jeans & flesh

and she said,
“What the fuck
are we listening to?”

So we put on
the Dixie Chicks.


When the Ghosts Wake me up at Night

the dark and strange mystic lights
swirling …

same ghost energy
I saw as a kid
reaching out to my mind
and forcing me to
I am home

and not in some Navy brig
locked up
or in the Santa Monica county jail
or the Sacramento country jail
or the Long Beach landlocked
federal prison
for lost sailors

in that lonely bunk
surrounded by losers and
nowhere to be found friends
and I am very pleased
not to
be inside the tiny Filipino jail
in Olongapo city
getting screamed at in Tagalic

never wanted the cells
just the bars

missed my dead mother
guilt, conflict, swirled emotions
drowning in rum drink
cocktails …

I wanted to feel something
wanted to make the burnt heart
pump real blood

and when you feel like that
you know it’s only the ghosts
and laughing,
haunting your undead stupidity

until a wild female takes
the bait, the gamble
past the lightning and the fear
touching bones with
soft feminine alchemy

my head filled with
Saturday morning cartoons
golden cornflakes
and love songs from AM radio …
not so much from fractured mind
but good circus of crazy

and the clones of love
came along
brilliant beautiful maniacs

as the
strange mystic lights

and I am not alone.

2 Responses to “The Man Cave featuring Bradley Mason Hamlin”

  1. I enjoyed these quite a bit. There is a comfort with the speaker and the flow is so smooth.

  2. Good poems, an unpretentiousness and good flow, like Carl said. An easy flow, fun to read, seem very real and touchable, giving.

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