Summer rain by Santosh Kalwar

She had one
lovely cat. She was
called, pussycat.

Her color was
grey and she drank
whole day, the entire
summer rain.

I asked her:
If she remains
thirsty all the

She said:
She had
once a
boyfriend. She
called him,
a pussyman.

One Response to “Summer rain by Santosh Kalwar”

  1. Santosh Kalwar works as an poet, writer and young researcher. His poems and articles have appeared or are forthcoming in The Himalayan Times, The Kathmandu Post, Global South Development Magazine, Book In Sync, Munyori Literary Journal, Carcinogenic Poetry, Asphodel Madness, Mahmag, unFold, Chiron Review and Hanging Moss Journal. You may learn more about Santosh at:

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