tiny natural disasters by Steve Calamars


my heart beat
registers a 7.5
on the richter scale
turning my brain waves
into tsunamis that
smash thru my forehead
and crash down onto
the pages of my notebooks
destroying empty white spaces
drowning them beneath
black ink and words that
wash up against the
margins like tidal waves
you see my poems are
born out of violence
tiny natural disasters
that touch down like
tornadoes and pound
the page with
trailer park calligraphy

3 Responses to “tiny natural disasters by Steve Calamars”

  1. Steve Calamars lives in San Antonio, Texas. His first collection of short stories, Six Years of Relative Happiness, is now available from Calliope Nerve Media. He edits a tiny zine called Meat Heads and Muscle Cars. He blogs at dirtywordsoncleanliving.blogspot.com

  2. poetry in motion. powerful…

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