VIETNAM BOB by F.N. Wright

(for richie)

he did two tours
in Vietnam
like so many
he brought home
the nightmares
those sluts
the horrors of war
like so many before him
& those to follow
he died too young.


4 Responses to “VIETNAM BOB by F.N. Wright”

  1. I want to thank you F.n. Bob would have appreciated your poem, as I very much do. Looking at him in the coffin today, was surreal. Looking at his pictures from ‘Nam, was startling to me. I realized what a young boy he was when he was there. Thank you for all your support too, my brother. Richie

  2. In a few lines, you cut to the heart.
    This is a fine poem

  3. Stuart Fred Wright Says:

    RIP F N Wright Dec 16 1942 Mar 10 2012 my dad and my best friend

  4. Stuart Fred Wright Says:

    went to war as a boy came back home as a man fighting in place called vietnam doin the devils bidding for uncle sam draft dodgers i will never understand because my dad was sweating in the jungle m16 in his hand S F Wright

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