JOHNNY by Raindog

four days in country
bawling in pain
AK-47 shrapnel
ric-cocheting through his torso
like a steel ball
in a pachinko machine
in a war that he
didn’t understand
Johnny with his gun
ready to kick some ass
getting his ass
a regular at the V.A.
keeps the bits of shrapnel
they continue to remove
in a jar
with the lid screwed down
Sometimes at night
the shrapnel calls to him
pleading with him
to finish the job
that was started
years ago
in the ambush.
He sucks on the muzzle
driving his girlfriend
He is disabled
and has learned to live in that system
has learned to live
with his disability
with his pain
with his slow death
by surrender
Johnny is already dead
laying down
waiting for some
a handful of

3 Responses to “JOHNNY by Raindog”

  1. i feel his pain. great imagery. great write. thanks, winnie

  2. Graphic and right on!

  3. Thank you. And to you too Pris, good words on your pieces.

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