Three Poems by F.N. Wright


I have never understood
our government but learned
at a very young age
not to trust it while serving
in Nam.

they do everything ass backwards
like erecting a Vietnam War Memorial
often called “The Wall”
then a Korean War Memorial
& finally
after most of the WWII vets
had died built them a monument

Congress has declared March, 30
“Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”
all these years after those of us
who made it home alive
though in many cases with damaged bodies
& minds that bring demons at all hours
day or night

but the veterans I feel sorrow for
are those who fought in Korea
known as “The Forgotten War”
suffering almost as many casualties
in 3 years as we had in Nam in more
than 10 years

& to these brave souls
some survivors of the
“Frozen Chosin?
& “Pork Chop Hill:
I say to you,
“welcome home.


there is no argument!
Jane Fonda committed
treason during the
Vietnam War!

whenever i see those
pictures of her in Hanoi
especially the ones
where she is wearing
a NVA helmet & seated
on one of their anti-aircraft
guns, barrel pointed skyward
my stomach churns with hatred

march, 30 is officially “Welcome
Home Vietnam Veterans Day”
& I feel Jane Fonda
a cunt no Vietnam veteran likes
should be forced to kneel before
every veteran who made it home
& kiss his feet, his ass & suck
the cocks of those who are brave
enough to stick them in the cess-
pool she calls a mouth.



somewhere in the Mekong Delta
South Vietnam
a “brown water” sailor
cries out & shaking uncontrollably
from tears wracking his body
screams, “NO! NO! NO! NO!

there is nothing the chaplain
who had summoned him to his quarters
to give him the telegram can do
to console the young sailor
because, at the moment, he has
his own doubts about god

the telegram informs
the young sailor that his wife
& a baby daughter he has never seen
had been killed in an automobile accident
by a drunk driver

there would be never be a “welcome home”
for him that meant a fucking thing.


One Response to “Three Poems by F.N. Wright”

  1. RIP F N Wright.

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