t. kilgore splake…Creative Life

I just got a copy in the mailbox of Splake’s new chapbook Creative Life.  I sat down on the porch with the dog at my feet and read a wonderful  poetic Splake journey through life always trying to stay one step ahead of rat bastard time.  If you have read any of the many books of t. kilgore splake–this is the best for me at least until the next one arrives.

feeling a little tired
yet every morning
back hammering typer keys
pounding alpha-beat letters
new poems and stories
to later read out loud
until rat bastard time
seconds minutes hours
life’s little surprise
poet passing beyond

(painting by Henry Denander)

Order your copy  $7.50 post-paid at:

Angst Productions
PO Box 508
Calumet, MI 44913


2 Responses to “t. kilgore splake…Creative Life”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    This is another fine work from the master. Very, very few poets have worked at their craft and remained loyal to it in the manner of splake. I salute him.

  2. hey, hey, my man, you already know how much I value your poems.

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