Featured Poet–Hosho McCreesh


Walking into work the other day
a co-worker told me,
“Hosh, there’s a sucker
on your desk,”
and I said, “Man,
there’s a sucker
at my desk


But I wasn’t
And maybe we’re fools,
getting up,
day after day,
hoping the world
might bring us something
new and different,
might bring us something
less drab,
less rote,
less lifeless.

Fair enough,
I can accept that.

But, then, the world must accept
that after so many of its
torturous afternoons,
after so many hours
lost to the drudge,
lost to the slaughter
and the lash,
we really have
no choice
but to
into the dark, warm arms
of a dirty old bar,
and sit for
a few
sit and regroup,
sit and maybe even
find ourselves

Yes, we’ll take
whatever’s on special, and
we’ll punch a few sad songs
into the juke, and we’ll
remember the magic
of an afternoon
our heads
the slightest hint of
a grin on our long,
dumb faces,
and happy enough
to be back
among all the

Yes, There’s My Bellyaching,
Yes, There’s My Poems,
Still it’s Better to Assume
We’ll Get, From This Life,
No More Than This…

Folks who know
will probably tell you
that I’m not shy about
my disappointment,

too sad sometimes, sure,

& that I usually expect
both too much, &,
at the same time,
to be let down.

But, at this point,
sitting with the woman I love,
the dogs up on the couch too,
being happy in just that,
going nowhere & doing nothing,
just being together & fully alive
in an otherwise nondescript moment,
blaming no one,
asking nothing more than
maybe a little good news,
or poem by a terrific writer
no one knows or reads yet,
is nothing short of a

No sinister distraction
to unquiet our minds,
nothing we’re better off ignoring,
& I say to you, honestly now,
that even if this is the best we get,
if this is paradise, & all there is,

it’s worth it.


Most Days I Am Content
Thinking of the Sun,
& How it Will Someday
Devour This

& that all evidence
of our treachery,
of all we’ve squandered
will vanish in a smirking,
& cataclysmic

But today
I wrote a few things
I’m happy with,
and I finished a painting
for an old friend,
and my woman & I
had a nice dinner,
some overpriced wine,
& some silly laughs,
& later I drove home in the
black & quivering winter night
listening to Nick Drake,
& it’s a day like today
that becomes such an
unexpected tragedy
when eradicated,
when lost and scattered
about the

Yes, a day like today
drags us back from that
fiery, collapsing edge;
it saves something
of us that is
both vital &

Yes, a day like today
is a hard & beautiful thing
to lose
to that


an interview with Hosho– click here

His home page


10 Responses to “Featured Poet–Hosho McCreesh”

  1. doesn’t get much better than this. every single one, mind you. thanks for these poems. i am a changed woman with this read. best, winnie

  2. Hosho-
    Great to see your words here. Nice work.

  3. Who is Hosho you ask? Hosho is the man!

  4. Hosho rocks. He should submit to that one poetry journal. . . what’s it called. . . oh yeah, Clutching at Straws (hint, hint).

  5. right on, Hosho… but reading this before work does not motivate me to go at all.

  6. Hey Hosh, nice going as usual. Seems like a long time snice our “radio days.” Good to see you still out there and wrangling the poem to the ground with your existential ease. 🙂

  7. Doug Draime Says:

    always the thumbs up with you, Hosh. these are nailed down tighter
    than flesh.

  8. People have it covered above me pretty well, but I wanted to say, HELLYEAH HOSHO. These poems radiate a simple thoughtfulness that gets lost too often. Good work.

  9. […] McCreesh brings the real goodness in this poetry spotlight at Rusty Truck. These poems radiate a simple thoughtfulness that gets lost too often. Great work […]

  10. Many thanks everyone for the kind words. It certainly helps the long work day pass a little easier. I wish there was a way to buy everyone a virtual round…until then, I raise a glass to you all.

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