dreaming place by Lynne Hayes

the floor
i sleep on is hard.
no comfort under my bones,
just a thin cover
separates belly from wood.

palms flat
on warm surfaces,
feeling the house talk
as darkness settles in.

i rest very well
there is no place left
to fall.

10 Responses to “dreaming place by Lynne Hayes”

  1. Brilliant stuff, Lynne.

  2. this is how I feel today. how perfect.

  3. to the bone, bare & bleak but somehow you feel inner strength from the narrator.

  4. Jason Hardung Says:

    love this one by lynne.

  5. lynne h Says:

    Thanks for reading and thank you Scot for the inclusion here @ the Grand Rusty Truck!!

  6. my pleasure lynne

  7. Hank Beukema Says:

    This is wonderful!

  8. the word bar Says:

    Thank you Hank!!

  9. I think it read it too literally as I sleep on camping mats on the floor – and really enjoy it. My minimalist side 😉

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