Only the Beginning by Winnie Star

i awaken
traverse three stairs to bathroom
sun pouring in small window
the most welcoming place in house
despite sink riddled by years of plumbing neglect

i greet my face
wash it
tidy my hair with sticky spray
wrinkled fingers fluffing up grey-streaked style of today

i dress
then sit at breakfast table
with remnants of flax cereal
eat what’s there
yesterday’s meal

i start car
channel radio tunes with hillbilly accents
reminding me of climbing hills
and billy’s i took for fuck me rides

i drive
bring the paperwork
show the records
tell the story of the accident
but they don’t really want me
say injuries not substantial enough for
compensation pay or social support
(what do they know, really?)

i return home
ascend three stairs
to the sun-filled bathroom
shed my tears
atop neglected plumbing appliance
and see only the beginning of the fight to the end…

5 Responses to “Only the Beginning by Winnie Star”

  1. what do they know, really?
    good one!

  2. lynne h Says:

    Le Sigh… you had me along on this ride..good stuff.

  3. thanks for reading & commenting; it is appreciated!
    best, winnie

  4. Winnie,
    This is some of the best writing that I have encountered in a while. It flowed like a piece of hard butter on a flaming engine in Texas during the heat of summer. Where else have you been published? Do you have any books published? Again, thanks for the great read.

  5. joel – just tonight, i read this comment of yours. thanks a lot for what you say. as soon as i retire from my “real job”, i will write a book of poetry. you may find my poems and short stories on my website:
    thanks again, joel. best, winnie

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