Riddance by Randall Johnson

A lowdown saffron moon
does not forgive a thing.

Tide rising on the beach
won’t take the fall for this.

Don’t blame some distant tribe;
you don’t belong to one.

You claim the things you want
just like a wild dog.

Forgiveness isn’t mine
to grant, not that I would.

Forgetting wastes the truth;
I’m saving what remains.


One Response to “Riddance by Randall Johnson”

  1. Our genes and our environment decide what we are – we have no choices, so there is no need to forgive anyone. Yet the tide rising and our blood brothers will not take the blame for all this. I am that wild dog – aren’t we all?

    Brilliant poem using the absolute minimum of words to convey the message. Unlike Randall Johnson I’m a fatalist, which gives me the excuse to be an anarchist – but in the last two lines I think we have common ground.

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