Two Poems by Helen Losse

The egg that flew out of the bush

striking the window of Carol’s car,
shatters in memory.  Carol drives

straight to the police station,
where an officer agrees to

follow us back home.  The white lilac
from which the egg flew

belongs to Mr. & Mrs. Ross,
our classmate Sherry’s

but grows close to our purple ones,

planted on the parking in front of
our houses on Jackson.  That part of

Jackson is now modified with
the word South

so delivery men and mailmen
won’t confuse now with then.


Ode to Niceness, Low & High

It all started with an essay,
and after that, the toe-image

cleaving from Susan’s flats.

The essay was all sandals v. shoes.
I think sandals are a subset of shoes.

I remember the night I first
met Susan, whose toes cleaved.

You might not know Susan,
but believe me: better her toes show

than her…. Um, . ..
Susan’s what you might call

a “lightweight upstairs.” Now
I’m not one to spread rumors,

and I don’t think a pedicure
answers life’s deepest questions.

But if a woman has nice-enough toes,
she might consider sandals,

likewise she might consider
a low-cut top, if her niceness grows

a bit further from the ground.

4 Responses to “Two Poems by Helen Losse”

  1. Two unusual, fine poems by a woman I respect so very much. I enjoyed these, Helen.

  2. […] Rusty Truck published two poems, “The egg that flew out of the bush,” and “Ode to …Thanks to editor Scot Young.) […]

  3. scott owens Says:

    Wow. These are a bit different for you, Helen. I particularly enjoy the speaker’s tone in “Ode to Niceness.” This is a good one for live readings.

  4. Thanks, Scott.

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