The Resting Place By Michelle Pond

They speak to me.
Row upon row
of white stones
from the Civil War
to the present
marking the same sorrow
as if time stood still.
It does for those laid to rest
and for those who love them.
Throughout the years, the voices cry:
“Goodbye son, daughter, sister, brother,
husband, wife, mommy, daddy.
We love you and miss you.”
The souls whisper:
“Our wars are over.
We are at peace.
We wish the same for you.”

July 27, 2009

3 Responses to “The Resting Place By Michelle Pond”

  1. Bill Nicks Says:

    Thank you Michelle………….very nice. Time, indeed, does stand still for loved ones. Bill

  2. lynne hayes Says:

    I was recently @ Arlington Nat’l Cemetery.. this reminds me of that visit. well done.

  3. Michelle Pond Says:

    Thank you, Lynne. I was stationed at Quantico in the early 70’s and made my first visit to Arlington then. I have kept the image of all the white headstones with me all these years.

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