six beers and ten cigarettes by Carter Monroe

the euripides  sanction immerses itself
in some kind of bogus heartfelt  rendering of nothing
the salience is too definable to be obscure
sorta like dom perignon in a nightmare

observe the man child going his own way
in a sordid grip of opening prepositions
into a neon world of pissing on the floor
away from the mat and onto the tile

it was a mistake marked by a jesus contemptuousness
and floundered in an oral world
these lines converge into a syncopated lack of reassurance
where denial is a lollipop
and suck it as you will
just leave me in an equation all my own
to endure this current definition of humanity
that will be viewed as a joke in 25 years

scoundrels who masquerade behind non-profit entities
and who substitute education for experience
suffice it to say there’s no obvious blessing
just a pair of sunglasses that shield platonic reality

but that’s what we want
what we’ve always wanted
in the narcissistic justification
of our own beliefs

god, how we wish to be eggheads
in a two plus two world
where  holier than thou has some minor appeal
and the righteous never speak
but lie in wait for the illuminated to bring forth
documentation that can be criticized in the most subjective of manners

i think I hate you all somehow
because i took a math course once
and because i know how to tell time

7 Responses to “six beers and ten cigarettes by Carter Monroe”

  1. “just leave me in an equation all my own
    to endure this current definition of humanity
    that will be viewed as a joke in 25 years…”

    Right on, Carter my friend. We are all:

    whining, sulking souls/whose hate/you cannot alleviate/no matter whose ashes/are offered to the wind

    You’re amazing.

  2. Carter, I’m always glad to see your poems appear. Excellent writing!

  3. Tim Peeler Says:

    used to be sixteen beers and ten cigarettes, but time rolls on

  4. not sure what i just wrote as a comment went through, so i shall write the words again. and they are: impeccable. amazing. genius. thanks! winnie

  5. Carter is a scholar and a brilliant poet. It’s always a pleasure to read his honest, daring work.

  6. David Smith Says:

    The opposite of perhaps every poet you will ever meet.

  7. Amen, bro. You are preaching to the choir here.

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