on the death of the family dog by David LaBounty

and maybe
our shared
grief will
bring us back

and maybe
she will
say that
I know
it’s been
a year
but perhaps
we could
try again

and I
would come
back home

like a
fallen king
from exile,

loads of
my ex-wife

the laundry
both of
my empty

3 Responses to “on the death of the family dog by David LaBounty”

  1. Alarie Tennille Says:

    Nothing I love better than a short poem that rips your heart out. My compliments to Mr. LaBounty.

  2. You speak raw and true….as is your gift.

  3. wonderful poem david. its sparcity doesn’t mean emptyness of meaning or blandness in feeling. they always take the animals too….
    so throwing with dirty laundry would suit her fine. in the mean time,this poem says this with such more refinement.

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