Why Lester Duncan Drinks by Curtis Dunlap

It’s hard to stop drinking
when you find a pint of vodka
under your pillow at night.
That conniving wife of mine
wants to keep me drunk.
Every time I toss out a bottle,
she buys another one and
conveniently places it
where I can find it.

As long as I’m pegged a drunkard
no one will blame her when
she leaves me.

She likes talking to that
fat tax man in town.
I figure she’s got her sights
set on him.
He’s rich, got four cars, a fine house,
and a bad heart.
Well, God Bless ’em and
good riddance to the both of them.
she’ll probably stick fried chicken
under his pillow.

13 Responses to “Why Lester Duncan Drinks by Curtis Dunlap”

  1. ahhh, booze and chicken – a winning combination! great piece of wok. thanks for the read and smile! best, winnie

  2. the above should read: great piece of work (not wok)! whoa is me…winnie

  3. Thank you Winnie. I like woks too! and sake! 🙂

  4. Terri French Says:

    I’ll raise a glass to Lester Duncan tonight. Well done!

  5. Tim Peeler Says:

    damned fine

  6. Thanks, Tim. The poem is based on true events. We’ll talk about it sometime over a plate of barbecue. 🙂

  7. Great poem, Curtis.

  8. Thank you, Helen.

  9. Your comment got by me Terri. Thank you. Lester was a good man.

  10. Love it , love it. Let him have her:-)

  11. He did Pris. 🙂

  12. Susan Nelson Myers Says:

    fine, fine poem, cousin 🙂

  13. Why thank you there, cousin! 🙂

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