irretrievable things by db cox

— for Caylee Marie Anthony

dark places
counterfeit eyes

the black hole
of a twisted mind

ticking time—
truth gets lost
in a prime time
legal extravaganza

a young mother walks

the sun sets
behind a florida
stillwater swamp

a rotting yellow ribbon
of police tape
in a cypress tree

a sleepless whip-poor-will
sings his favorite lullaby

a tiny ghost
sleeps in the rain
& dreams
of irretrievable things

19 Responses to “irretrievable things by db cox”

  1. This stops my heart!

  2. Cynthia Ruth Lewis Says:

    beautiful work, as always. you always manage to punch us in the gut and knock the air clean out of our lungs

  3. times are strange

  4. Libby Sumerel Day Says:

    Don,the poem is absolutely awesome! What a beautiful tribute! Thanks for using your talent to inspire us and give us a sense of calm. BTW, are you coming to the reunion?

  5. Glynda Caddell Says:

    A beautiful tribute to a tiny life.

  6. Hi Libby,

    I wouldn’t miss the reunion. Thanks for reading and commenting on this poem.

  7. Susan B. Wetmore Says:

    Don, this is an amazing piece of work! I just read it 3 times and each time it speaks differently yet deeply to my heart. Looking forward to pondering more of your wisdom and commentary and grateful to have found this website. Haven’t seen you in ages so I am thrilled you will be at the reunion… sbw

  8. Ben Rasnic Says:


    You nailed this one, as always. An amazing tribute!

  9. Damn, that last stanza hurts. Nicely done.

  10. Nancy Stroble Says:

    Nicely done… I’m impressed. This trial and situation have shaken all of us to the core. Everytime I see a picture of Caylee, my heart aches for her. I can not imagine any parent or grandparent knowingly covering up the death of a child. Why weren’t they falling apart? I would have been. Golly, so many questions. Thank you for putting what so many of us are feeling into words. Looking forward to our reunion! See you then, Nancy

  11. Thanks to everybody for stopping by–especially my high school classmates (graduating class 1966). See you soon.

  12. Thanks Donny, a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young child, who’s life was cut way too short.

  13. Unlike justice this poem refuses to pander to equivocation.Such is the power of poetry that Db Cox has just so eloquently evoked!

  14. There are many people who COULD be various levels of guilty. One thing we know for sure is that Caylee is not one of them.

    Jennifer Bosveld

  15. Johnny English Says:

    DAMN….Your poems ALWAYS force me to think…..

  16. db – such a powerful, poignant poem. brings up for me: hold tight to the ones you love…mourn the lost souls…grieve the innocent victims…live life to the fullest.


    best, winnie

  17. Haunting……love you. Don’t be a stranger….

  18. Haunting…awesome….awe inspiring…. wanna hold my girls….

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