The Stolen Dog by Brad Hamlin

The Stolen Dog

This week
I was accused
of stealing
ideas or imagery

not sure which

from some guy’s dog poem
that I’ve never
heard of

You see,
my poem had a dog
in it

Isn’t that just
too much

What are the odds
that two poems
out of the very
that crazy people

contain dogs?

The funny part
is that my poem
wasn’t about a dog

just about
the blank page
and how
to bring something

out of nothing.

July 11, 2011


7 Responses to “The Stolen Dog by Brad Hamlin”

  1. woof woof?

  2. Excellent poems all, Scot, yours included. I wanted to comment on Brad’s poems because I write so many poems about my dog, and I hope that I wasn’t who he was accused of plagiarizing. God knows, he’s good enough that he doesn’t need to steal ANYTHING. Anyway, my Alex the Labrador is currently farmed out to a kennel to the east of here … he attacked another dog and we’re trying everything we know to keep from having him put to sleep. Keep writing the good words, Brad, and do say a tiny prayer for my boy Alex. I love him and that is my poem for today.

  3. Harry, actually someone else took your comments and put their own negative spin on the thing. No worries. Comes with the territory of publishing, and hell, now I have a Stolen Dog poem in my bag. So thanks for that and best of luck for Alex. I hope you find a positive resolution. I’ve watched my own animals die and it’s every bit as numbing and heart-wrenching as losing a human friend.

  4. thanks HC–good luck with alex

  5. excellent poem, bradley, as always. 🙂

  6. kicks ass

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