So I had to go offline… by Sissy Buckles

it’s that whole jean-paul sartre existential
being & nothingness thing – La Nausée,
or freedom from a more modern opiate
and don’t you ever just get sick of yourself?
The only reason I had that account
anyway was to talk to Lorna,
and she’s gone now
and my sis in Texas, but now it’s official
they’re coming home to Cali
just in time to party with the Lifters cc
King of Clubs drags at Barona,
pub-crawl the annual Adams Ave. Street Fair in the fall,
and sip Gin Rickey’s with Kathie and Adam
at the Riviera Supper Club and Turquoise Room
and of course there’s Kerouac
always looking hopefully to the mad future…
“I envisioned wild complexities with Dean and Marylou
and everybody – a season, a new season….”

2 Responses to “So I had to go offline… by Sissy Buckles”

  1. saradutilly Says:

    I like the way your words flow: quickly, and abruptly ending.

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