THE SYSTEM by A.D. Winans

Politicians who run on change
and give us chump change
A system where the young drown
in loan debt
A system where half the Congress
Are millionaires
Protecting their millionaire brothers
Manufacturing dead
Workers unemployed or forced
to work at low paying jobs that can not sustain
a family
Men and women who have worked half their lives
laid off and given a two-week severance check
A supreme Court of Big Business
Who declare corporations individuals
And money the 21st Century God

A system stifling peaceful freedom of speech
Pepper spraying non violent student protestors
Tear gas and clubs reminding me of the past
The Vietnam protests the Chicago brutality
|If you learn anything from history
you have learned nothing

You speak of the sin of our national debt
But the real sin is the homeless
Gay bashing wall street criminals
Greedy bankers and politicians bought by lobbyists
As we build more prisons to discourage revolution
While cutting back on food stamps for the poor
And school breakfasts and lunches
In order to give the rich more tax breaks

Right wing radio and politicians calling
the protestors hippie scum
When all the protestors are doing
is crying out for economic justice
in a failed system

I worked all my working year life but
I can no longer pledge allegiance
to the flag of the U.S.
And everything it no longer stands for
I will not bow down to corporate America
And the tea party
I cannot accept her moral bankruptcy
Her greenback God buying and selling
Human lives on the stock market exchange where
Ka-ching Ka-ching has become the National Anthem

America we protestors are not your enemies
We are your conscience
You have become one big insane asylum
Run by right wing extremists
Your manic-depressive innkeepers
Waging war on the masses
A war this time that you can not
And will not win


4 Responses to “THE SYSTEM by A.D. Winans”

  1. Ray Foreman Says:

    What else is there to say, you’ve said it all in this poem which does what a poem should do, deliver something of value to the reader and when he/she finishes reading it for the 2nd, 3rd, tenth time, it makes a dent in their mind, heart, psyche. Oh yes, oh yes.

  2. enjoyed the poem

    but hey Ray… maybe there’s a couple more things to say… maybe a few more ideas of value to deliver… maybe one or two more dents to deal out… maybe

  3. I like this very much. Like Al’s writing, period!

  4. thanks, all.

    ray, glad you liked the poem. I plan on putting together a book of my politcal poems from sixties to present. Love to have NYQ consider publishing it.

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