ask not by DB Cox

mystic politicians
spout meaningless metaphors
a wall of symbols
to mask defects
& imperfections
in the direction taken
down dead-end streets
past old lies
that somehow
remain standing
as shit falls
all around
the latest master plan
to jump-start the world—
shape a new address
for the dispossessed—
a new language
a scaled-down paradigm
for the “american dream”
dazzling syllables
that cast a blinding light
full of nothing

7 Responses to “ask not by DB Cox”

  1. db – beautifully written. “as shit falls all around,” I am, winnie.

  2. Winnie,

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  3. Well done DB,
    and so timely

  4. Thanks Sandy. Happy Holidays.

  5. I’ve got a brother poem to this one coming up soon, DB. You hit the nail on the head

  6. Scott,

    I’ll be waiting to read your poem.

  7. Libby Sumerel Day Says:

    Don, I really like this! That last line says it all…about most politicians! Hope you’re doing well. Libby

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