Baile, Muchachos! by Bradley Mason Hamlin

under Vietnam
and Nagasaki, Hiroshima,
Dresden too
dance under West Side Story
& beautiful
Puerto Rican girls spinning
dance for banditos blasting your feet
with pistoles blazing,
or like that happy fat-cat Rerun on
What’s Happening?
dance under super Nazi annihilation
and Hitler
holding the magical spear
of Jesus Christ
dance under crucifixion; under fiction
under Hemingway
or all those children
of the punk rock explosion slamming
into each other’s laughter
like sidewalk’s too hot for hillbilly feet
like world might end today, tonight,
right now
twist baby!
under Elvis & Ann Margaret
rockin’ into sun
rollin’ into new oblivion
let your spirit hear it
rhythm, bongo, slap
pigskin drum
for psychedelic free jazz
for espresso sex
for scotch whiskey
for Frank Sinatra, swing sing
dancing blue, too,
under shades of Jack Nicholson
or belly dancers with hula love-hips
for freedom from 9 to 5
for all your friends who aren’t alive
dance under the affliction of having no legs,
no rhythm, no reason, no income,
nobody holding you tight under black night
dance for the moon making wolf-boys howl
dance like Beach Boys under western sun
and winter storms
or Dick Dale pointing his guitar at God
and giving him Hell
dance the Wicca seasons with naked witches
baile, bitches
because you can; I beg you
because you want to; you must
because no one can stop you
not even in death
dance under the motion of the Grim Reaper
swinging his sickle
cause you’re standing too still
it’s dance or die ugly
it’s dance or forever zombie
under voodoo lights
of television, work, religion, politics,
opinions, morals,
other people’s thoughts or not enough
of the right medications …
just dance!
baile! baile muchachos!
my guns are at your feet.


4 Responses to “Baile, Muchachos! by Bradley Mason Hamlin”

  1. Brad – I am dancin’ right into the day and night. Perfect piece. Beautiful! So thankful to have read this today. What more can I say?

  2. Ray Foreman Says:

    Bradley, terrific lines, but like a Country Buffet “all you can eat” place, there was so much on the table at once I filled my one plate with too much food at the same time. When the lady I was with asked me later what I liked best, I answered, “Huh! I don’t remember.”

  3. Walt Whitman said: “re-examine all that you have been told”

    The unrevised history of the USA is hard to take… so, if you don’t want to hear it, or as Jack Nicholson once said, “you can’t handle the truth”… just turn up the music on the wailing machine, and keep on dancing.

    Maybe, a little line dance to that classic song from “old blue eyes” daughter, Nancy: “These Boots are Made for Walking”–a perfect replacement for the unsingable national anthem.

    Enlightening piece here Mr. Hamlin–for anybody who cares to know.

  4. Dance, drinking wine, making love to a writer.

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