Vacate the System by Charles Plymell

“Satellite measurements have proven that artificial energies from power lines are similarly amplified high above the earth, a phenomenon known as power-line harmonic resonance….’this amplified energy interacts with particles from the Van Allen belts…producing a fallout of charged particles…”

“In 1983 , measurements from Ariel 3 and 4 weather satellites showed that enormous amounts of PHLR over North America had created a permanent duct from the magnetosphere, down into the upper air, resulting in a continuous release of ions and energy over the whole continent.”

“Since the mid 1970’s there has been a dramatic increase in flooding, drought, and attendant hardships due to the inconsistent, anomalous weather patterns. It appears likely hat these have been caused in part by electro and perhaps whether deliberately or not….seems feasible to introduce catastrophic climate change over a target country, and even without such weather warfare,continued expansion of the electrical power system threatens the viability of all life on earth.”

“In addition, if Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere exists, our artificial fields must mask it many times over, literally disconnecting us from life’s collective wisdom. This is not to ignore the plain fact of evil. but here must be some other reason why today’s power elite are so willing to bring the whole world to the brink of so many kinds of destruction. Maybe they literally can’t hear the earth anymore.”

The 99 percenters don’t realize it, but they are in the middle of it now. The ONLY thing that can be done like in the instance of the U.C. Davis protesters who were sprayed is to get everyone to leave the space. Delete it. Vacant as Chernobyl where they were left burying the dirt with the dirt, The only way to stop institutional warfare is to walk out. Completely. Dead zone.  That’s the only way not to be entrapped by the politics of the past.The institutionalized death cannot hear anymore. They are the ones to be left in their silence. In the dead zone: “,,, the metabolic interference  of electropollution or EMR weapons’. It may be intended to  increase cancer rates, interfere with decision- making ability, and;or sow confusion and irritation. It may be succeeding.” It makes no difference if its in arts/humanities/academic/military/education/ congress/ you name it.or cultural institutions as it applies to all: “The present system is in effect a dogmatic religion with a self-perpetuating priesthood dedicating only to preserving the current orthodoxies. The system rewards the sycophant and punishes the visionary to a degree unparallel in the four-hundred-ear-history of modern science.” The scientist authors don’t know they’ve just described the National Endowment for the Arts, The Poetry Foundation, etc, catch.  Ha!  “Eventually those who play the game become the new members of the peer group, and thus the system perpetuates itself.” VACATE THE SYSTEM!

“Everyone worries about nuclear weapons as the most serious threat to survival….I believe the ultimate weapon is the manipulation of our electromagnetic environment, because it’s imperceptive subtle and strikes at the core of life itself.”

The beasts sitting at computers causing rolling blackouts in California to raise the price to keep the ponzy energy scheme going are the first signs of the human being changed to articufial nature of ” mad money” of energy, of the fakery of nuclear energy.

“We’re dealing here with the most important scientific discovery ever—the nature of life. Even if we survive the chemical and atomic threats to our existence, there’s a strong possibility that electropollution could set in motion irreversible changes leading to our extinction before we’re even aware of them.

That’s why I say in my poem that the apocalypse as arrived. look around you, or something like that. Robert & Gary go on to say that “All life pulsates in time to the earth, and our artificial fields a use abnormal reactions in all organisms.’ They are working in the same areo of my Tent Shaker Voice if I ever get it done. But they too highlight the evidence of  “real dyings” magnetic reversals  and the disruption of biocycles causing so much stress , birth defects, malignancies, and impaired brain function, climbing cancer rates,etc. The pool begins to produce deformities like the Belarus births. The work on mind control has been going on for decades and has been helped by electropollution.  TYRANNY WITHOUT TERROR is upon us.I had originally studied Robert O. Becker Md and Gary Seldon’s book, The Body Electric, and tried to find Doctor Becker, the surgeon. I wanted to talk to him mainly about  sacrificing so many animals, especially pigeons.  He lived not too far north in Lowville, NY. Throughout their book they imply the government was after them and many who conducted alarming experiments had already vanished. So, I tried calling him and asked neighbors, etc.  They hadn’t seen him. That was a few years ago. That’s what I mean about the protesters. It’s on them! NOW! If they don’t want the pigs with mace, spray, rubber bullets, etc. and can’t win them over, then the only tactic is to vacate  the evil ground. It isn’t like Arab Spring or other uprisings. To vacate a system is to destroy it. In other countries they have to take over the power, If they could get everyone except perhaps the president of the university and the campus police to leave that area blank that would be the only tactic left that would cause national reaction. What’s  a sprayed education worth anyway? That’s what the do to insects! Rise above it and take as many with you as possible like a Mardi Gras parade!  Leave a BULLHORN TO NOBODY


One Response to “Vacate the System by Charles Plymell”

  1. Dear Rusty, I wanted to make sure and credit the first four paragraghs to Robert O. Becker, M.D.,and Gary Seldon’s book: THE BODY ELECTRIC. There might be some of theire words under quotes later in the text as well as lines of my writing in quotes. I’m sorry it was not intended as scholarship. I was trying to take notes to study later for my book: TENT SHAKER VORTEX VOICE coming out when I finish it, from Botltle of Smoke Press. Upon hearing the voice at MONUMENT ROCKS in Gove Co, Kansas, I went back to my correspodence notes to Loren Eiseley and found what the voice was talked about in his book, THE STAR THOWER when he engaged in converstation with the one who idendentified the voice in the Essay “The Dance of Frogs.” In addition, I have some energy rocks from Gove Co. Chalk Pyramids that are called Boji Stones after the woman who found them, also called Kansas pop rocks. The male rocks have ancient prime numbers of Mari system from Mespotamia 19th Cent.BCE and/or sacred geometry on them and the female is smooth. I have made iron Kunchina-like holders for them I’ll send photo of. As you can see, it’s an ennormous study for my last book, and I hope I haven’t caused a problem incorperating others’ s words in my notes. I’m not used to assembling material on the computer. Charles Plymell

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