Beside Me Are: by Mike Meraz

beside me are:
a pack of pall malls
a pack of black and milds
the heater is running
there is a joy in my heart,
but there is also sadness,
there is a great amount of apathy
but there is also care and concern
for others.
you can’t tell me I cannot care for things,
otherwise I’d be unhuman,
there are natural inclinations you have,
that you cannot deny,
just like the fact that you are dying.
there are other undeniable facts as well,
you are living and breathing and you have a heart
and a soul and family, and these things should be cared for.
you have children, maybe and you have a wife, maybe,
and these things should be cared for, there is a cat by your
waist, that is really your child, and this is cared for,
the plight of the underachiever, the fashion of the failure
(and I am not talking monetary or popularity)
is to psychologically remove facts that undeniably exist,
even you will not refute this, denial is more popular than

there is a man at work who thinks he is king,
he runs a little grocery store in the French Quarter and
bullies his employees and makes them feel like shit,
his employees can do nothing save quit, but times are hard
and sometimes you have to make a choice between food and
rent and a little sucking in of your pride, you take the food
and rent because you are human and have to come home to
feed all those things you love.

life is not a computer screen, life is not a philosophy.

there is goodness in the walk to work,
there is goodness in the drive around town,
there is freshness of air,
there is the beautiful girl with long hair
who actually has something intelligent to say,
who approaches life in a real way,
who is not actually a dumb bitch,
there are these things, I find them,
I find them not often,
but they are there.

the past has been good,
the past has been bad,
but we can’t pre-lay our foundation before us
with mines and traps,
too many are doing it for us already,
politicians, social governments, the police,
the hood down the street looking for the next hustle.

One Response to “Beside Me Are: by Mike Meraz”

  1. the word bar Says:

    Oh Mike.. you have a way with the words.. good poem my friend!!

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