Three poems by Lynne Hayes


capital hill is leaning
sidewalk cracks
that hold garbage
from the stooges
who shoved hope
down a drain
paris, lisbon
and cheetahs
on a serengeti
shake their head
for they can see
that Rome burns
and all we have
is a  kinked water hose.


Not a poem, just life

she pushed the old cart uphill,
left front wheel at the point of collapse
yet, onward it rolled in unison.
an old army blanket covered the mass
piled high in her metal apartment,
pieces of yesterday clinging tightly
to today’s find from bins
located north of the La Quninta Inn
on Morris highway.
lights from passing cars lit the path,
as she whistled some forgotten tune
to no one in particular,
it just sounded nice to her ears.

he sat on a box waiting,
back bent over a brown bag nestled
between knees that had walked too far,
his head weary from thinking too much.
smiling, she said “we meet again”.
with worn hands he held two cups high,
amber liquid danced in the moonlight.
outstretched hands met halfway
taking the cup she said,
“that president fellow said a change would come,
i do not believe he was right.”

leaning back he looked in her aging eyes,
whistled and said,
“dear lady, with Jack in a cup, change always gonna come”.


Fifth avenue blues

down to bones
we float
facing a reflection
of our bygone youth
that lives
under an oily surface.
swift sink
and resurface
are done,
as only elite players
know how to perform
with ease,
perfect symmetrical form.

drowning in histories
swimming with liberties

the shore seems out of reach,
yet naked and arm-less
upward we stroke.

4 Responses to “Three poems by Lynne Hayes”

  1. awesome set of poems Lynn! i dig them big time!

  2. Annie Brodrick Says:

    Poetry to my eyes and Heart ❤
    Thank you Lynne!

  3. Great Stuff RightLeftRightLeft…

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