With A Raised Fist by Joseph Farley

My will cannot be broken,
at least not any more than it already is.
I have the strength of grape soda,
and nearly twice the fizz.
I shall rot your teeth and stain your clothing,
but I shall never yield.
I shall remain forever angry
and yelling at the moon.

2 Responses to “With A Raised Fist by Joseph Farley”

  1. Donal Mahoney Says:

    This is quite a fine poem, apart from the Occupy Movement, for it captures a spirit of all young protesters, no matter what the problem or injustice they are trying to fix. It’s a universal piece, independent of the here and now. Besides, it’s been a long time since I have had a bottle of Canfield’s grape soda after playing ball all day on the South Side of Chicago, at a time when grape soda ruled. Thanks for the memories.

    And I hope Rusty Truck will continue to accept submissions ad infinitum. It’s quite obvious, in light of the response to this call for submissions, that it has been missed, along with Asphodel Madness and Calliope Nerve. Good sites should never go away.

  2. thesandytongue Says:

    “I shall remain forever angry”, I like this line. When people lose anger, they often lose the desire to change. Once that happens, we all regress and sputter along aimlessly.

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