ATMAN by Susan Whitmore

You would hold hard
The wild horse neck,
Still the swirling down

The long animal throat
In muscular spiral—
But no way will the mare

Quiet her hoof
On the grass and rock
Turning beneath the element

Of her leg. Better
To wrap her mane
In your fingers’ web,

Become breath and cloud,
Water and earth where
Your body meets the velvet hide—

Become a field of poppies,
The running over granite
And leap over rushing creek—

Become the vertigo sky
Streaming through your own hair—
Be horse.

2 Responses to “ATMAN by Susan Whitmore”

  1. love the flow of this piece – simply moving.

  2. Maryfrances Says:

    Agree. I love the flow and feel of the poem.

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