Finding Home by Tina Hacker

On the way back from the bathroom
Don gets lost,
his one bedroom apartment
his desert, no landmarks in sight.
Two in the morning, lights off,
he sits in the kitchen,
for his wife to miss his warmth in bed.
Sometimes her dreams overcome
the 911 from her body and she sleeps on.
Then he calls out her name
gulping breaths of air like code
between the syllables.
He isn’t old, isn’t senile;
it’s just something
he does since he came back
from Iraq.
He set crisp boundaries around his life
like creases on a uniform,
and when sleep wrinkles them,
it’s no longer safe to go forward.

9 Responses to “Finding Home by Tina Hacker”

  1. This poem especially resonates with me. Very good one.

  2. perfect writing. sadly perfect.

  3. Alarie Tennille Says:

    No war stays in the war zone. It’s fitting that Hacker’s poems also stay with you.

  4. Jan Duncan-O'Neal Says:

    Tina’s poem is stunning. It left me breathless. A great example of showing not telling. This poem deserves wide recognition!

  5. “Don gets lost” sets up the conflict and resonates with readers who have experienced getting lost in their own sea of fears. “from Iraq” is the poem in two words. Great metaphors.

  6. Thea Cherkasky Says:

    So hard to find reality when one’s internal being says “no way”
    Tina’s poem is terrific.

  7. Wow! It’s the feeling I have at the end of so many of Tina’s poems. The power of her writing lies in the way she hits you with a truth in a way you have never thought about it before.

  8. Maryfrances Says:

    Well done. Great job of evoking the feeling.

  9. Linda Lerner Says:

    hard to do what you’ve done–a first rate, moving poem.

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