Invisible – “That’s what’s wrong with ‘im”* by Angela Consolo Mankiewicz

The man had bedded down on the sidewalk
in the middle of a short block.

His head angled west toward middling class houses,
his feet pointed to the grittier east.

His face was the color of  urban dust, years of it;
his hair clung to his neck.

He wore the exterior clothes of most of his assumed
gender:  pants, shirt, shoes.

An untattered, buttoned blazer caressed him,
tightly; it was July, mid-afternoon.

There was no shopping cart nearby, no soulful
canine companion, no beer cans.

The man had elected to rest on pavement, rather than
the strip of grass on his street side or the cooler dirt-row
of untended palm trees on the other.

This is, after all, Los Angeles, during high-tourist season,
Hollywood Boulevard just a few blocks north,
Paramount a dream away south, on Melrose.

He knew it made no difference where he rested,
but maybe he thought this particular place
would be more memorable
to the few walking locals
who might pass by.

This is, after all, Los Angeles.

*From the James Whale film, “The Invisible Man”

9 Responses to “Invisible – “That’s what’s wrong with ‘im”* by Angela Consolo Mankiewicz”

  1. i see, hear, smell this piece. feel & caress it. that’s what poetry is all about. thanks!
    p.s. i just read your January 2011 poem and it stopped me in my tracks. thanks, again.


  2. Thank you – so much – for reading — A.

  3. Thanks for calling attention to the “invisible” people among us who lack a home and bed to rest their weary bodies.

    That “there was no shopping cart nearby, no soulful canine companion, no beer cans” suggest that another fellow-Angeleno has recently fallen on bad times.

    When will we open our eyes and see what’s going on around us?

  4. And thank you, Rose, for seeing — A.

  5. Vincent Consolo Says:

    Very insightful. I always wonder how a little child with his/her happy and trusting joyfulness grows-up and ends up in this situation. You’re a “good Consolo”.

  6. Thank you for Vincent, for reading and commenting – you sound like a “good Consolo” yourself – might we be cousins?

  7. Rachel Olivier Says:

    Oh, I’m with Winnie. I can totally see this.

  8. Nice poetic observations of our “fair” city.

  9. Thanks Rachel and Robert – appreciate your reading and taking the time to comment – A.

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