Jesus Examines the Blueprints by Al Ortolani

The wiry little carpenter with the pointed beard
Digs into his tool belt for nails, slips
His pencil behind his ear. He’ll work
Sundays if he has too, knowing well
The price of being underbid.
Remodeling costs more per square foot
Than any new spec house
But the old place is a mess. Peter suggests
A triplex. Judas a bulldozer.

As an independent contractor
He’s got to start somewhere, if eventually
He wants to turn water into wine
And to divide the fish and the loaves
Among the hungry. Then there’s the matter
Of the building permit. The city inspector.
The other guy who walks on water.

2 Responses to “Jesus Examines the Blueprints by Al Ortolani”

  1. Alarie Tennille Says:

    Classic Al–always a pleasure.

  2. Maryfrances Says:

    Al has another fine poem.

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