Evening News by Shirley Rickett

At the end of the news
comes the pictures
and bios too short
to mention a life
or even to say
he was here, she was here.

Proud or funny faces,
often a uniform,
sometimes not,
when grieving hands
can’t find that photo.
If you squint
you might see them
playing with a dog,

holding a baby,
perhaps at a graduation
a camera in hand,
or at a reunion
the glass of wine
a few inches from the lips.

4 Responses to “Evening News by Shirley Rickett”

  1. Alarie Tennille Says:

    Poignant, simply stated, perfect at going to the heart of the reader and exposing the missing heart of the news.

  2. Well done in just three stanzas. A life is as long as it needs to be, and aren’t we writing our own obits each day without words.

  3. paul bossert Says:

    at times
    we do not realize
    how fragile life is
    carefree days of my youth
    lost and gone forever

  4. carolyn nieland Says:

    Well said, Shirley.

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