That Look by Norma Jean Demaggio

I catch your eye as we both walk down the street,
going the opposite way from each other.
Oh I know that look well,
you are thinking of us tangled
in the sheets, sweaty and tired.
I think we should keep our shoes on when we fuck
so we can both run away afterwards
Or how about leaving our clothes on so the getaway
is that much quicker, for you see I already feel
the disappointment and lonely setting in
Or we could just skip this all together
and keep going on our separate ways
All this goes through my mind in a flash
as I lower my eyes and move on past


6 Responses to “That Look by Norma Jean Demaggio”

  1. Great write. Great read.

  2. Ray Foreman Says:

    Writing poetry like you’re doing here can keep poetry alive…alive, I mean that and removes it from isolated closets it reigns in much of the time.

  3. sweeeeeet poem. love it!
    -l hayes-

  4. so whose pen name is this?

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