fn wright

I first talked to Fred 3 years ago this month.  I last spoke to him Feb. 28.  We talked more this last month than in the previous 3 years.  I missed the sign.
We talked about doing a Brautigan tribute book.  He was going to do all the illustrations and paintings, and he would get some big names to contribute. He told me then he was putting his place on the market and moving home to Mantoon and would come visit me in June. He said it was time.  I knew him as a Viet Nam Veteran, biker, poet, writer and a kind and gentle soul– but most of all a friend.  And those are hard to come by.  The pain is gone big man, rest easy.

Below and in the sidebar: the words of fn wright

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  1. the conversation
    —for a brother in arms

    bus station
    in the city of angels
    holding a cup of coffee
    with both hands
    a frayed black ball cap
    pulled low over a gray ponytail

    he contemplates his hazy reflection
    in the grimy mirror behind the counter
    one of those forgotten people
    living a half-life
    just beyond anybody’s caring

    two stools down
    i’m studying this guy in the mirror
    when he catches my reflection
    now my eyes are his
    and his eyes are mine
    the same empty stare of forty years
    & a thousand yards of un-crossable ground

    without turning his head
    & just loud enough for me to hear
    he says, “it ain’t easy”

    i know my part and reply
    “there it is…”

    he pauses for a second
    then quietly echoes the eternal
    vietnam vet closing line
    “there it forever and fucking well is”

    between two old brothers
    dragging history
    around in looking-glass eyes
    there’s no need
    for further conversation

  2. Donal Mahoney Says:

    If Rusty Truck had not made this presentation of fn wright’s work, I would never have known of the man’s two-fold ability with words and with art. He was very, very good, obviously, and I thank Scot for this presentation.

    It strikes me that both Rusty Truck and Deuce Coupe have published other writers, quite good, not often seen elsewhere. Maybe a presentation like this while they are still alive would be worthwhile for readers and for them.

  3. Donal

    more of fred’s art
    he loved Patchen and Brautigan–it comes out…


  4. I felt as if I was discovering buried treasure reading (and looking) at all of these. I’d never been familiar with him either. I’m glad I finally got that chance. I’m so sorry to hear about his death.

  5. Stuart Fred Wright Says:

    f n is my dad and he will b missed by many ecspecialy me any questions any one has i would be happy to respond to thank you

  6. S.A. Griffin Says:

    Stuart, my sincerest and heartfelt condolences to you and yours.

    DB, your words…

    Ride free Fred, rest easy brother.

    much love, s.a.

  7. Father Luke Says:


    I think a lot of us would like to know as much as you care to tell.

    I knew your dad, and we got along. I liked him a lot. This news is sudden, and I’m confused as to when he died, and what happened.

    Could you fill in some details for those of us who might be missing him?

    Thanks. And my condolences during your time of sorrow.

  8. Linda Lerner Says:

    Fred Wright is new to me, a wonderful poet,–I liked all these and and I’m grateful to Scott for introducing me to his work. Does anyone know if there’s a chapbook of his work around?

  9. Brad Hamlin at Mystery Island Magazine might have some copies of his chapbook — “Pissing on the Pope” (also an interview with Fred)


  10. Thanks for some great poetry. Condolences to all who knew and loved this man.

  11. sent you an email with xray and mysteryisland–just off the top

  12. Stuart Fred Wright Says:

    my father was having health issues since around 2009 he had been hospitalized several times and was fighting it all the way i dont know for sure what happened as i live in rural illinois.as i find out more i will share with you. i will be going to his home tommorrow to stay a week to gather the pieces and make arrangments to bring him home .i will in the future as i finnish dealing with his estate try and compile his work and combine it in some way for those who would like to have..im sure as i go through his art and writings il find more bear with me as next month or two will be busy for me and my family .thank you very much for the warm comforting coments for my dad he would like that as i do my contact is stuwright@live.com feel free to contact me if you like

  13. Stuart Fred Wright Says:

    RIP F N Wright Dec 16 ,1942 -Mar 9,2012

  14. Natalie Wright Says:

    I meant to leave my link here. Again, it’s so good to feel the love! I will miss Uncle Fred so much. According to a close friend, he passed of a heart attack….I can just here him “god damnit!” I know he wasn’t ready….he kept telling me “I’ve got a lot more livein’ to do!” That’s how he was…always thinking about the next project….

  15. gifted soul, man what a gifted soul. a soul now to rest in peace and be honored in good, kind, & great ways and waves. winnie

  16. R. van der Voort Says:

    So sad to hear the news about Fred’s sudden death…
    Been mailing to him just a week ago.
    Last year I released a CD by him on which he tells stories and recites his poetry.
    Trying to get some interest in Europe for his work.
    He was a great guy, writer, painter. He will be missed.
    Rene van der Voort
    The Netherlands

  17. Jim Wittenberg Says:

    I never knew F.n. Wright, but I read a few of his poems. The first was about 18 months ago. I also heard him engage in discussions on blog talk radio, and I remember laughing at his comments. Hearing of his passing saddens me. My condolences to his family and friends.

  18. Stuart Fred Wright Says:

    rip dad sorry i made you younger it was for the college girls correct year is 1940

  19. Lisa Brandenburg Says:

    Thankyou for all the kind words of my dad and FN Wright. He will live on in with his writing and art. I know he is laughing knowing this was one way for my brother and I to spend time together. Although I would rather have him here with us. We were looking forward to his move back to Illinois to spend time with him, but California was his home!

  20. Stuart Fred Wright Says:

    Funeral services for F N Wright will be April 28,2012 at 1pm in Findlay ,Illinois which is a small farming comunity in central Illinois .Thank you again. The ole pound dog is watching and smiling.

  21. laurie j foreman Says:

    rip fred.

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