NATURE POEM by F.N. Wright

(apparently someone bought up the issue of too much sex in the small press scene that prompted scot young, a poet/publisher into taking a poll to see if the cover of his publication deuce coupe was too risque & that is what prompted this poem)
squirrels screw in the trees
rabbits fuck like minks
who are known to fuck
around the rockin’ clock
bears fuck in the woods
horses fuck
bulls fuck cows
monkeys fuck
fish fuck
women fuck
men fuck
(hell I’m like a
rabbit minks mix
when I can get it)
& for chrisssakes
even barnacles
affixed as they are
forever once attached
to pier pilings or boats or ships
or rocks or wherever nature led them
to have found a way to fuck
it is god’s will
& nature’s desire that
there be a whole
lotta fuckin’
going on.

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