Two Poems by Travis Blair

Asparagus and Spam

He fixed me up
with his older sister Huong—
which means pink in Vietnamese.
She taught yoga and spoke
six languages.

Huong showed up perched
on five inches of stiletto attitude
wearing striped knee-high socks,
orange and yellow on passion pink.
Her skirt showed off her thighs.

I took her to an art film,
The Housemaid, erotic
and sensual — so graphic
it left us speechless.

Back at her house
Huong offered to serve me
dinner, a taste of her native culture.
I told her I loved Vietnamese.

She flashed a sardonic smile
and made sandwiches—
asparagus and Spam on rye.
I think she was putting me on
in a seventh language.



Sundays, while your family
sits in church, you come
to my bed and we fuck,
our passion a raging religion
of need. In the afterglow
we lie naked while I read poetry.
You struggle to understand
my language but love the sound
of my voice. I love the inky
blackness of your hair
feathered across my belly.
I love the delicacy of your finger
tracing circles inside my thigh
until I grow hard again.
I hate the peal of cathedral bells,
how they signal the end
of love-making, how you dress,
rush home, resume your role
as the faithful wife.


Travis Blair lives a mile down the road from the University of Texas in Arlington where he earned his B.A. in English Lit. After a long career in the movie business, he took up poetry writing. He is author of Train to Chihuahua, a collection of his poems about his adventures in Mexico, and has written many other poems that appear in various literary journals.  He has two daughters and five grandkids and hides from them frequently in Manhattan and Mazatlán.

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