brautigan’s donkey by scot young

richard would have liked
a donkey
would have whispered
you’re a pretty girl
poem in her ear
as he fed her carrots &
sweet feed on a blue sky
sunday morning

he would have hung out
with her
scratched her name
in the sand &
watched the sun set
on a different bolinas beach
and she
would have followed
him everywhere


5 Responses to “brautigan’s donkey by scot young”

  1. sweet. simply sweet.

  2. Joie Cook Says:

    It’s a tragic reality that Brautigan led a tortured existence after attaining fame. Friends abandoned him and of course, he eventually died a tragic death by killing himself in Bolinas.
    What I’ve heard was that he wasn’t discovered dead for several days and it wasn’t pretty at all. Very sad.

  3. thanks winnie
    some friends huh joie? yes sad indeed, for everybody, especially his daughter

  4. Maryfrances Says:

    sweet. and i love the donkey.

  5. that’s our clarabell

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