POLITICS BE DAMNED by Charles Plymell

Germs from the Old World
In chemical air over Brooklyn Bridge
Mob loansharking dates back to Rome
Little Caesar himself charged a hundred percent
thousands of years before James Cagney,
Little Italy or the Federal Reserve on a larger scale
Derivatives more invisible than usury
No real assets left
no more morality if there ever was
in New World Presidents
can’t help but rob the poor to give to the rich once more
In the world’s largest pyramid scheme
What else to do but put Cyalis in the water
and have a populist hard on for hours.

Christ will always forgive the evangelist in tears
or the confessor masturbating at the Cross
the armaments of altruism
ratified in the genes
of  Crown and the Conquerors
Captain Marvel’s holy moley hero now
In Eastern Lands of suicide bombers
blown up twat in Bagels and lox
Three C’s of the special Olympics.

Ho Hum of Buddha in the New Age
watching T V in a mortgaged home
the fairy tale with special effects
more easily understood than virgin birth
language lost to the T-shirt logo.

Wait for the attack, denounce the pacifists
democracy, parliament, dictatorship
it works the same in every country said Goering
So take your fucking America Bruce Springsteen

Your high yellow and Buffalo Bill too
…..the wasted buffalo killed for sport
true universes in their globed eyes
as has every innocent creature
who will forever watch the half politician reload.


9 Responses to “POLITICS BE DAMNED by Charles Plymell”

  1. priscampbell Says:

    This really got to me. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Few poets can write a political poem that isn’t a rant. CP is an exception to the rule. His words cuts thru to the chase. Great words from a great poet.

  3. J. Millar Says:

    How bout the universes in the eyes of the buffalo? Among other things, this poet is a son of William Blake.

    April 1, 2012

  4. W.K. Stratton Says:

    “….and Buffalo Bill too.” Yep, exactly. Charley nailed it.

  5. Sarah Daugherty Says:

    It’s great to read a poem that grabs TODAY, mashes it up with history, and spits out truth. Plymell is great!

  6. karl gallagher Says:

    Has a kick to it. The smell of buffalo, grass and dust of the great plains comes through, popping brain cells of old old memory . . . of the Great Spirit, maybe fighting His last stand surrounded on all sides by rabid dogs of materialism’s terminal trinkets.

  7. lynne savitt Says:

    always, as i said to winans, everything you write is intensely good. ”plymell can do no wrong in my eyes.”
    yr stuff needs to be given the gift of reading more than once but this is the first i’ve seen this poem. home run again

  8. and lynne can do no wrong in my eyes.

  9. Plymell is one graceful bull in this sad china shop. Things will break. The baseline pulse of cp’s writing equals rage. It’s a true gift, one he’s had all along. Thank you, old friend, for these words.

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