Familiarity by Michael Ashley

it’s the coldness of your back
on Sunday afternoons

as you sleep after supping
seven pints of San Miguel

it’s the outline of Europe,
of Africa on a globe

where Thailand is still Siam
& Peking is just a city in China

it’s the screw-top wine bottles
littered like the dead
on our battlefield

the smell of stale chardonnay
and tobacco ash still thick in air

it’s that broken barometer
which hangs in our hallway
the outlook frozen at fair

its the dog-hairs
collected under the radiator
that only we can see

while lying in bed

unoccupied enough
to notice it

but content enough
not to give a fuck

One Response to “Familiarity by Michael Ashley”

  1. Fantastic imagery; this incites a lot of emotion. You’re very talented.

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