qoud permanat enim disolitur, inert ergo. (Lucritius)
(for that which permeates is dissolved, perishes therefore.)

You leave once more….
car readied to the northwest winds
the smell of incense gone
voices of those who listened
to The Argument have joined new age
body spirits torn in the winds of eternity
dissipated into the commerce of the day.

Those who once climbed your ladder
bow their heads like the broken rungs
we’ve known so well where talent failed
signaling their sycophants to be silent
creativity but a word to them, not a life.

The visit over in the wake of climb without ascent
that graced memory’s spirits they’ve never known
lesser arguments piled draught in compost bones.

— Cherry Valley, April 10, 2012


3 Responses to “SMOKE SIGNALS AFTER GRANT HART’S VISIT by Charles Plymell”

  1. The nature and mind of soul permeates and reaches

  2. So it does. That’s all we got. Thanks. cp

  3. Lovely poem!

    My daughter and I saw Grant in New Haven recently. When he left, we “readied the car” for the next part of his journey by giving him a big box of homemade cupcakes.

    Whether I am leaving his stomping ground, or he is leaving mine, I find it difficult to say goodbye.

    Very glad I found this blog, so I can look at more of your work, Charles!

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