LUMMOX magazine Returns

Many years ago, Lummox Press published a small monthly magazine called the Lummox Journal. It lasted for over 100 issues. Now, after six long years of silence, a new magazine rises up from the ashes…and unlike the old Lummox Journal, this monster will come out once a year, with at least 100 pages  and will be an 8 X 10 inch, perfect bound beast called LUMMOX. It will contain interviews, essays, articles, reviews, artwork, ads and poetry…lots of poetry.
I’m aiming for a Nov. publication date.

The theme of this first issue will be “Favorites”. Anyone interested in submitting, can send 3-5 of their favorite poems (previously published work is okay, just indicate where), no longer than 80 lines, plus a short 3-5 line bio and a mailing address. If you are interested in submitting an essay or article, please pitch the idea first. Artwork must be “camera ready” and “gray scale” (not in color). Poets receive a 20% discount on any ads. Please contact me with for sizes and prices. All submissions must be made before Sept. 1, 2012.

I have three interviews planned, but am always interested in new ideas. Another planned feature will be “Guest Editors” who will introduce 2 – 3 poems by 8-10 poets. I already have several Guest Editors signed up (one is in Nigeria)! So, if you are interested in becoming a GE, let me know.

I’m offering a pre-publication subscription of $20 (USA) & $30 (World) for the first issue. It will retail for $30 a year, plus shipping. Visit the following link for details.  Click here.

I look forward to receiving your submissions and/or ideas. Send to or

LUMMOX c/o PO Box 5301 San Pedro, CA 90733

RD Armstrong


4 Responses to “LUMMOX magazine Returns”

  1. free penny press Says:

    This is wonderful on so many levels…I’ll definitely help get the word out!!

  2. winnie Says:

    i am so excited about this! thanks, RD!

  3. Hey, glad to see you are still here. You were the first person to publish me. Back when I was 18. It was a poem called the meaning of life or something. Glad you are back keep up the good work

  4. Seth Elkins Says:

    Just got word from Jane Crown. I made it.

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