The Child Within by Jason “Juice” Hardung

Last year I nominated Jason Hardung for best of the web along with two legends in poetry.  Although that kind of task is always tough, this video is an example of why I  chose Jason.

The poem below appears in Jason Hardung’s upcoming new book The Names of Lost Things from Lummox Press.

The Names of Lost Things is pure Juice.  A coming of age poetic journey outlines the making of a poet showing the passion and pain that is in all of us.  On a deserted island—this would be the book.

The only bad thing about this new book is you can’t buy it now.

Publication date–late June/early July


9 Responses to “The Child Within by Jason “Juice” Hardung”

  1. free penny press Says:

    Jason is close to my heart as a poet & friend. So proud of him & this book …Can’t wait to have my copy..

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  3. John Macker Says:

    maybe he could read up in Denver with me at the Glovinsky gallery, Aug 10?

    John Macker

  4. April Michelle Bratten Says:

    Can’t wait to get this book!

  5. john, id love to read with you.

  6. John Macker Says:

    great we’ll plan it then Friday night, Aug 10. probably 7 p.m. Probably w/Janet & publisher of Turkey Buzzard Press.

  7. awesome. i cant wait. i met you in denver one time. i was with ed ward, sa and john dorsey.

  8. John Macker Says:

    I remember, at that mile high underground shot. I’ve known ed & sa for years. Dorsey not as long.

  9. Yeah it was for the mile high underground thing. It was a good time.

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