Los Angeles Drowning by Bradley Mason Hamlin

On the little TV
with rabbit
ears we watched
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
in our quiet
small Los Angeles home
(we would soon lose)
with the chain-link fence
instead of white picket
but flowers did bloom
and my mother
looked pretty
in 60’s sun dresses
and watching Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
listening to my father’s jealousies
for David Hedison,
the captain of the Sea View
because he had flirted with my mom
at a
David McCallum cocktail party
(grandma was McCallum’s housekeeper)
and my dad didn’t like Elvis either
because my mom liked the way he
moved his hips
and my mom never met Presley
but he probably would have
liked her
and watching
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
as everything we knew
slowly then quickly
sank deep down under
all down
under alcohol
under anger,
lies, fear, betrayal,
the violence of neglect
and the mutant monsters
at the bottom
waiting for usdown
in the depths
of the last breath drowning
all of us
the bubbles rising
as the Sea View dived, dived,
dived …


2 Responses to “Los Angeles Drowning by Bradley Mason Hamlin”

  1. always great to read your work, bradley. i have missed you. what are all your websites these days? best, winnie

  2. Hi Winnie,

    Mystery Island is the website: http://mysteryisland.net



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