is staying quietly in the back bedroom
we invite him out on evenings when
air thick as upholstery weighs on us
he brings a joyful breeze & broken
carnival lights to remind us nothing

is as bad or good as we remember
soft lips of a once gentle lover harsh
criticism slaps blade of kitchen knife
baby’s breath flower or human lace
tastes as sweet as ripe nectarines

my sister says we are like our mother
who spent her life pining for college
beau & at 83 years old still searched
for him on the internet under retired

professors no i tell sister recall
long lists of men who pursued us
joints big as cigars trips black bras
backseats good meals bad lays not
the same as mother’s undone fantasy

we’ve lived & earned the right to invite
past to sit at table tonight eat up i tell
him have some red wine all too soon you
must return to your sequestered bedroom
listen to ceiling fan whine softly wait

until the next time we invite you
to be part of the repast of the present


  1. charles plymell Says:

    My favorite Lynne. cp

  2. I have nominated you for the “Tell Me About Yourself” award. Congratulations! For further details, please refer to my blog. Best regards, Mary Ann.

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