craigslist by David LaBounty

sometimes i look

the way one looks
for another job
even when one
is happily employed

so here i am

looking for love
other love
among the
peace signs

and often,
when the
are my
age, just

at the
of the end

they are
all looking
for the
same kind
of thing

a single white male


and i think
i am all of
those things

but, i
tell myself
as i walk
away from
the screen

if i’m here

how stable can i be

2 Responses to “craigslist by David LaBounty”

  1. Alarie Tennille Says:

    Brilliant, touching, charming–again David LaBounty has shown the complexity of life in a small sliver without wasting a word.

  2. Duane Kirby Jensen Says:

    Another fine poem from your pen.
    A poem whose last line leaves me pondering.

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