Waiting for my Relief by Mark James Andrews

The Dodge Dart procession was eternal
each with a taped on check-off sheet.
I had a black marker in the pit inspecting.
The clock punching was the first hard lesson
followed by the incremental bells and whistles
inside the matrix of the dynamo hum.
Robert was back in the space suit again
and like old times fingering down in my boot
searching for an airplane bottle shot.
“They got me being relief man now
easy skating up and down The Line
but this here 15 minutes is a bitch.”
Robert took a good hit of Hennessy
strapped on his canister face mask shroud
ready for the hand-off of the undercoating gun.
He disappeared into the containment pod
after the new guy Ali hurried out
stripping off his space suit glaring at me.
I really didn’t know why he bothered to strip.
He only had 15 minutes.
I ducked down waiting for my relief.

One Response to “Waiting for my Relief by Mark James Andrews”

  1. Michael T Says:

    Vivid account. Takes me back a handful of decades to them early auto plant blues.

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