Rapid Ronnie Rap Back Jive: 1955 by Charles Plymell

Doc Moonlight bought brand new T-Bird from writing scripts
For Bennie-hard bodies dancing.. digging the Bebop steps
Long ago Granddaddy bought a paint horse in Dodge City
Wyatt Earp’ s grandson now sells used cars in Wichitity.

Life on the high plains, hot checks & pile of loans
Ronnie read hot chicks Pound’s Selected Poems
Outside Zip’s Club smoked boo & pissed
Inside, Pack Rat picked his bass in bliss
His eyes rolled back, into bouncing fret
Scoo bop to do diddy bip bop…next set
From hep to hip cat combo characters sit
Swiiinging go man go! work! bass man star
His nose Inhalers stashed behind the bar
Candy wrappers, cosmos and Benzedrine
Dragnet, luncheonette & make the scene
Play it straight if fate say best stay clean
Really bad,half sad,oh fay,oh say, Ms.O’day
Scuffle on down & slide away from the mass
Wanna smiz -zoke a jiz -ziont of griz -zass?

Rapid Ronnie Rasamutin Runamuck:
Thief, pimp, artists.. hood
Alias Barbital Bob….stood
Under the neon of Zip’s Club.

His subterranean boyhood bellhop forays
Found Kansas’ big vortex of wild of mores
By the light from the stained glass windows
He drew cartoon characters between shows
He saw all his dreams flyspecked with glory
Filled his pockets with dope & dates of whores
And gazed far beyond the gaily painted doors.

Rapid Ronnie rode on the moonlight highs
Pack Rat scoffed pills and played melodic
Drank Oxybiotic that made him neurotic
Jimmy Mammy, just outta the joint, heard
Big Indian was gonna steal Doc’s Thunderbird
Ronnie went along reciting Pound’s verse
Into the crashing crossroads of the universe.

Big Indian let out a yell of centuries of pain
Drove into the Bulldog’s tractor-trailer’s lane
Jimmy Mammy broke his jaw & lay in years of highs
Ronnie grew old and secret under California skies
Big Indian lay dead..his eyes..confused
Staring at the heavens,,,,forever wider
Than the moon’s new earth that refused
Him shelter from the great white spider.

( Reprinted and newly edited from FOREVER WIDER by Charles Plymell
published by Scarecrow Press. London, Metuchen. N.J.,
edited by Robert Peters for Poetry Now Series)

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