The Words and Art of Robert R. Branaman Issue

I came across Bob Branaman from a photo of him and Charles Plymell taken in the 1950s.  His name is also CCd on emails I get from time to time  from Charlie.  I quick google brought up the world of Bob Branaman that I had missed–that much of America missed also.  The ones that didn’t are the lucky ones.  When S.A. Griffin talked to me about him and when I learned that S.A. had promoted his art, I knew  it was time to meet him.  There is so much more to the man, the artist than appears here.
The Rusty Truck began as simply wanting to gather the family in one place, kinda like grandma did at least twice a year and publish the best poetry out there.  Now, the Truck wants to add to this–to chronicle a part of history.  Robert Branaman among others are part of that history.

2 Responses to “The Words and Art of Robert R. Branaman Issue”

  1. donalmahoney1 Says:


    I thank you for introducing me to Bob Branaman. I had never heard of him although I was a youngster in the Fifties reading Kerouac, Ginsberg and Corso when many classmates studying English were concentrating on Shakespeare, Byron and Pope. I may not have heard of Bob Branaman but I’m happy to meet him now, thanks to the Rusty Truck. My initial reaction is the jolt I get from his artwork compared with the laid-back diction of his poems. After I read this issue of the Truck, I’ll Google Branaman and find more, I’m sure.

  2. charles plymell Says:

    Who’s this respectable looking gentleman? Looks like a pool shark to me! Charles Plymell

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