But I’m Still Here by James Babbs

I got stuck
those first few years
after high school
my early 20s
when I thought
I had it made
working some shit job
blowing everything I earned
on drinking and
every now and then
there was a woman
if I was lucky
but it never seemed
to last for very long
but I was happy
just going out and
getting drunk
I was happy
just sitting around
not worrying about the future
I wanted everything
to stay the same
I never wanted
anything to change and
I guess
I still don’t
but everybody keeps leaving me
they either die
or they get lost
out in the world and
I don’t hear from them
it’s like this for years
but I’m still here
the same place
I’ve always been and
still not sure
where it is I belong

One Response to “But I’m Still Here by James Babbs”

  1. James – Simply poignant with emotional, detailed expression. Thanks. Winnie

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